"The Dirty Little Secrets That Most Dog Food Companies Are Hiding And Want To Keep Hidden"

Pet food is a 15 billion dollar business worldwide. Smaller companies are quietly being bought out by the larger companies.

What most dog owners don't realize is that the pet food industry is actually an extension of the food and agricultural industries.

Pet food provides these giant multinational corporations a very convenient and very profitable "built-in" market for wastes left over from their human food production.

Just as with humans, your dog's diet largely determines his or her overall health.

Protein in your dog's food comes in various forms – meat, poultry or fish, meat or poultry meal, and meat by-products.

In the food industry, only about 50 percent of every animal can be used as food for human consumption.

The remaining parts, or "by-products" – heads, feet, bones, feathers, blood, intestines, organs, fat scraps, even unborn fetuses – are used in pet food and animal feed.

The Pet Food Institute – the trade association of pet food manufacturers – acknowledges the use of by-products in pet foods. To quote them directly:

"The growth of the pet food industry not only provided pet owners with better food for their pets, but also created profitable additional markets for American farm products and for the byproducts of the meat packing, poultry, and other food industries which prepare food for human consumption."
But here's what's so controversial: In addition to food animal scraps, rendering, by law, can include grocery store expired meat (Styrofoam wrapping intact), road kill, diseased and disabled (and dead) cattle, and even euthanized pets.

Pet food companies claim they no longer process dead dogs and cats (insiders admit they previously did), but the FDA has found pentobarbital, the most common euthanasia drug, in rendered meat-and-bone meal and animal fat.
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